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Sophia's dissertation titled "Canciones de Los Apalaches: Latinx Music, Migration, and Belonging in Appalachia" is the first full-length study of Latino creative practices in the Appalachian region. She is currently working on a book project that expands this work and shows how longstanding narratives of Appalachia as a monolith have obscured the movement of Latino people to and through the region over the past century. She asks how Latino communities in Appalachia have both maintained and re-imagined cultural practices surrounding music, dance, and food in ways that make sense of their political and social circumstances while also expressing a particular relationship to place. Building disciplinary relationships across Latinx studies, Appalachian studies, folklore, and ethnomusicology, Sophia's work sheds light on the complexities of the shifting U.S. cultural landscape in Appalachia and the South and offers new perspectives on Latino community, migration, and belonging through music.

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