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Fandango de Durham

The Fandango de Durham is a two-day community festival organized by Sophia Enriquez and Alexandra Landeros to bring the culture of son jarocho--traditional folk music and dance from Veracruz, Mexico--to North Carolina. In September of 2022, the first Fandango de Durham took place in Durham and featured Los Utrera, a leading family band of son jarocho music.

The first day of the festival included a concert and mini market featuring Los Utrera and local NC duo Larry&Joe at the Fruit Produce Company. The second day featured a community workshop and fandango at the Durham Bottling Company.

This video, produced by Iximche Media, shows highlights of the inaugural festival.

Fandango de Durham in the Press

Utreeras Fandángo (67).jpg
Utreras concert (50).jpg
Utreeras Fandángo (91).jpg
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